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Calling herself a “Pretend Reporter”, she produces interviews to create awareness about community events, announcements, causes and amazing people.  BETH’s passion is spreading the word about what matters in our local and global communities. 

She also hosts a non-profit office center in addition to a community meeting center (Called “Open House”) on Main Street in Historic Downtown Front Royal for citizens to gather as they work together to make a difference.

Open House-Community Meeting Space

Meet in the Middle and 27 Cloud Street Nonprofit Center


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A self-proclaimed “Fundraising Visionary”, BETH dreams of creating impactful donation platforms with her varied ideas that nearly effortlessly and inexpensively raise massive amounts of funds for nonprofits (while soliciting less than US $20 per donor).  From apps to downloads to viral campaigns, she lights up when discussing creative initiatives to excite donors to support worthy causes. 

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A global fundraising platform to raise money on small and large scales in a variety of shout-out themed money-raising endeavors.  

Dollar Dream Download

Just $1 can make a dream come true for the village of Bunyade, Uganda and the children Light up Life. Watch, share, and donate to download your copy of the dream!


 A to way connect organizations in need to people willing to support them – if they knew of their need.

Just Save It

An app making it easy to be generous and save for causes, projects, education, vacations and dream purchases.


It’s more than a a bracelet. It’s a bracelet infused by the giver with love, compassion, luck, inspiration, well-wishes and positive energy!



Also a “Pretend Philanthropist”, there’s nothing that warms BETH’s heart more than supporting people in need, especially with much-needed financial assistance.  She provides financial and inspirational support to groups and individual’s causes, passions & dreams.

Light up Life

WHAT MATTERS is proud to support Herbie Kawuma and his work through Light Up Life Foundations.

Powering Passions

People wishing to fund a dream project or goal are encouraged to apply for assistance.

Invisible Hands

Leaving surprise notes to thank hardworking hospitality workers, cashiers and service oriented employees for their quiet service.

Comrades for Causes

Supports non-profit, not-for-profit and altruistic causes.


Offering scholarships ranging from grants for high school graduates to scholarships for people to attend events or seminars.

Wonder Women

Offering women who need financial support to improve their housing situation a chance to receive an interest-free loan for a security deposit for a rental property. 

Comrades for Causes

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Real Estate

From custom real estate sales strategies to consulting with WHAT MATTERS Partner Realtors, benefit from Beth Waller’s 16+ years of experience as a top producing Realtor, Broker and Associate Broker.

Individual Real Estate Sales

As an Associate Broker at KW-Solutions, Keller Williams Realty, BETH works with clients primarily as a listing agent partnering with sellers.

Real Estate Consulting

Through the WHAT MATTERS Partner Agent Program, the best sellers, buyers, and agents are paired together for the best experience.

Real Estate Education

Educating community and agents about real estate statistics, trends, negotiating tactics and marketing strategies.

Comrades for Causes

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WHAT MATTERS $12,500 Match Campaign

Every dollar up to $12,500 will be matched to send $25,000 towards the building of a school in the remote village of Bunyade, Africa….

Make your tax deductible donation to support Outreach in Africa!

About What Matters

WHAT MATTERS a philanthropic Company focused on local and global outreach (primarily through matching fundraising campaigns and Facebook videos), now a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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