Epiphany on Demand

This Facebook group was created on 1/6/2020, the first Epiphany of the new decade. It’s a community created to empower others to realize that their next “aha” moment only a click away–an intentional click of the PAUSE button in our minds. It’s also a group to remind people that we can all find time to meditate in any way that feels right and to share tips, insights and inspiration along the way.

The “Epiphany on Demand” group is a way to connect people who choose to embrace self improvement and quiet their minds, ever so briefly, to transform into the star of their own movies (not just settle for a role as an extra), and inspire others to do the same.

It’s a group where we don’t pretend life is easy, but we remember that it can be easier–especially if share our epiphanies with others.


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