Fund Your Cause.

Fundraising work in progress!

Once launched, will provide millions to non-profits all over the world through a creative fundraising approach that reaches the masses.  The demands of life, work and What Matters Initiatives have delayed Beth’s original plan to launch in 2017 but she’ll never give up on this revolutionary fundraising concept until it comes to fruition.  Ask her to explain the concept and you’ll understand why she’s so excited!

A concept Beth is developing for a global fundraising platform she’s named will raise money on small and large scales in a variety of shout-out themed money-raising endeavors.

  • Local Matching Fundraisers – Connecting donors to causes and maximizing exposure through social media match campaigns
  • International Celebrity Event/Concert Fundraisers
  • Interactive Fundraising:
    • Music Industry
    • Sporting Events
    • Performances
    • Speaking Engagements
    • Live Online Events/Programs

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