Do I feel like crying most days, fearful of what we may have to face as humanity? Most certainly I do. But I’m going to stop. I’m going to keep singing, keep laughing, keep dancing and keep thriving. Yes, these are times when we don’t feel like celebrating, but I’ve witnessed more joy, happiness, hope and faith than I’ve ever seen on a ‘good’ day in the USA by my dear friends in Uganda who live EVERY DAY OF THEIR LIVES with even more uncertainty than we are facing now. They wake up EVERY MORNING with financial struggles, a perpetual worry about obtaining food, a constant wonder if they will be able to go to school (if they can afford the fees) and fears of life-threatening viruses (malaria and typhoid are killers in Africa due to poor healthcare). Let’s learn from their example how to handle our stressful days ahead–they connect with each other, they share stories, they dream, they sing, they dance and they pray. #whatmattersisyourheart #weareinthistogether

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