When happy doth the flower bloom

I know you’ve beaten doom and gloom.

When drooping leaves wither away,

I pray soon comes a brighter day.

A morning filled with love and light,

A peaceful slumber through the night.

With joyful times to store inside,

Your heart where darkness cannot hide.

Cherished moments sojourn there

Within your soul, your secret lair.

An arrsonel inside your heart

When life calls for a swift jump start.

They wait there, when you’re in a bind.

Those moments; deep inside you’ll find.

Yesterday’s bliss you wish would last

That seemed to fly by all too fast.

Yet unbeknownst to you and me.

Those precious times don’t truly flee.

They merely vanish from our sights

Dormant until our pain ignites.

Prisoned in hearts to set us free

Memories that come without a fee.

But cost it does when we forget

And fail to know we need not fret.

We merely must cast in a line

And fish for moments lost in time.

Treasured mem’ries waiting there

To help when life feels hard to bare.

Like sunshine to a listless flower,

Past joy can give our present power.

Next time you feel glum don’t forget,

What matters is your heart–let it.

–BETH 5/27/18

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