This 5-minute daily practice of a unique form of meditation, combines visualization, prayer and dancing for inspiration, exercise and mood-enhancing energization. Regardless of religion or belief system, this active meditation (I call it Medicizing) is most effective when adapted to individual preferences.
The “Prayer Dance”

  1. Grab a pen and a journal/notebook (to document your “Prayer Dance” inspirations) and select a song that elevates your mood (with lyrics that inspire you and a rhythm that is danceable). It could be a song that brings back happy memories, shares empowering words or otherwise lifts your spirits. The length of the tune is insignificant and it’s fine to rewind it if you aren’t finished with these steps by the time it ends. Similarly, it’s permissible to pause the music to write down a reminder note of a thought that comes to mind during the process.
  2. Press play and start jumping/dancing as simply or elaborately as you feel comfortable (I squeeze in my stomach and buttocks for added exercise, and close my eyes for less distraction). As you do so, breathe deeply as you call in the unseen universal forces who are ready to co-collaborate with your life to help you bring your dreams and goals into reality. Solicit assistance and guidance for the hours and days ahead.
    *Picture your departed loved ones, your spiritual guides, saints of all religions,
    your past and future selves. Exude loving thoughts to them and visualize their love enveloping you as you draw it in by waving your arms inward.
    *Picture your loved ones on Earth and those who need prayers, think of relationships that could be healed or released through the power of forgiveness. As you’re imagining, wave your arms outward to radiate love and energy towards them.
    *Ask for forgiveness and special assistance you desire in any area of your life. Mentally ask for guidance and support in those areas while waving hands inward to integrate the universal forces ready to assist you.
    *Conclude the experience in a state of gratitude. Picture love and light empowering you. Make a commitment to be open to heart-centered guidance. Understand that, even if your day does not go as expected, everything that happens is part of a greater plan of divine timing. Embrace the concept: “It’s always working out, even when it isn’t” and vow to remember that fact throughout the day when frustration or disappointment strike.
  3. After the song ends, immediately text, email, call or write a note to three people that come to your mind AT THAT MOMENT (don’t forget that it’s also fine to pause during the dance briefly to send a quick message or jot down a thought) — the key is to take immediate action after you’ve felt an urge to reach out to someone or have been inspired with an idea.
  4. Repeat Daily. Watch the magic unfold around you as you use this tool to help become a conscious leader of your own life and inspire others to do the same.

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