A Poem Written In-Flight by BETH


I never thought that losing time,
was something good to do.
But losing time is what happens,
to all the lucky few.

The blessed travelers on paths of life,
who get to soar up high.
And spread their wings to time travel,
on airplanes in the sky.

‘Cuz in the air there is no time,
it’s a place in between.
A place between home and away,
transport to a new scene.

A magic carpet in the air,
where time does not exist.
A haven up above the world,
embracing heaven’s kiss.

The middle ground of memories,
that will be made below.
It’s only claim is it’s the past,
of futures not yet known,

Not here or there it’s everywhere,
and yet no place at all.
A spot to reflect on the things,
those seen or to be saw.

If time is lost or gained,
it makes no difference to the soul.
Anticipating life while stalled,
on future’s lookout knoll.

A gliding knoll that overlooks,
all air & land & sea.
An air born island where there’s naught to do,
but simply be.

So if you have a chance to be,
one of the lucky ones.
Savor the time lost in the air,
‘tween dusks and rising suns.

And in that lost time think about,
what you can do below,
To touch the lives that cross your path,
where ‘ere you come or go.

Please take some time to think about,
as time just fades away.
How to make this world a better place,
as your time ticks by each day.

-Beth Medved Waller (12/14/17 written in the air headed on my first trip Africa)

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