Overcoming Abundance

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Overcoming Abundance

Beth Waller

About my Book

The name of her first book, “Overcoming Abundance” is work in progress and is based on a theory that came to Beth as she pondered where she has been and where she is now in her own life.

She believes (based on personal experience and what she has observed) that the happiest, most successful and most fulfilled people in this world are people living “on purpose” and following their heart’s calling.

She says that there are two types of such people–people who have overcome tragedy/hardship, and people who have had to overcome their abundance/prosperity.

She falls in the latter category and asserts that it’s often more difficult to overcome abundance than tragedy.

“I was one of the millions of people walking around this world who should have been content in my life but wasn’t. I had a wonderful family, fulfilling career, outstanding health, financial security and an overall blessed life. I should have been happy and content, but I wasn’t.

“Because deep inside, I knew that even though I was living a seemingly perfect life, I was not living the life my heart longed for and I was not evolving to embrace my calling,or even make time to listen for it,” says Beth.

She has concluded that people are in therapy, on medication and live with depression because they can’t break free from their prosperity. They refuse to admit that the reason they are unhappy is because they are not living lives they can be passionate about.

When faced with tragedy/hardship/poverty, people are most times more motivated to overcome obstacles and create lives in which they can thrive and be passionate about.

But often when surrounded by abundance and posterity, people settle for a life in which they do not truly live.

So many people with seeming abundance and prosperity are secretly miserable because they are unwilling to walk away from a perfectly acceptable life to truly live the life they were meant to live.

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