Losing Time

A Poem Written In-Flight by BETH LOSING TIME I never thought that losing time,was something good to do.But losing time is what happens,to all the lucky few. The blessed travelers on paths of life,who get to soar up high.And spread their wings to time travel,on...
My Granddad Knew Santa

My Granddad Knew Santa

I don’t remember when I was told the story, and in fact when I think of it, there wasn’t really a story. I never heard tales about how my grandfather met Santa or if they kept in touch.  I just always understood that Santa was so very busy and chose special friends to help him by dressing as him throughout the world, and that my beloved Granddad, John W. Affleck, was one of his dearest friends.  I thought I was the luckiest girl in the entire universe to have the biggest secret in the world…that my grandfather knew THE Santa Claus.

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